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*** Welcome to YOUR Jurassic Park!*** 
Based on the ground breaking film franchise “Jurassic Park,” experience your own thrilling interactive journey on the mysterious Isla Nublar!

Here’s your chance to build your own Jurassic Park from the ground up, on land and in the sea! As a Park owner, nurture and grow various dinosaur species through the discovery of amber filled with dinosaur DNA. With help from your friends, turn the DNA into eggs, place them in your land or aquatic park and grow them until they reach adult size. To evolve, your dinosaurs have to be fed plants or meat depending on their respective diets. As a Park manager, you’ll need to make sure your park is constantly fueled with enough goods to feed all the dinosaurs by managing the flow of imports at the port. Finally, build a road for your visitors so they can go around and explore your creation.

To entertain your guests and collect more funds, you will have to be creative and decorate your parks and build various attractions and buildings such as amusement centers, hotels, restaurants, and security offices. ‘Code Red’ mode allows you to maximize your gains further and also prevent the dinosaurs from escaping and wreaking havoc on the island. But to access that mode, you’ll have to grow at least 5 carnivores!

In order to build your own aquatic park and discover new species, you will have to reach level 10!

Along the way, you’ll encounter familiar characters from the Jurassic Park movies such as, Dr. Ian Malcolm, or John Hammond, who will help you advance in your journey by giving you missions to fulfill.

Jurassic Park Builder features: 
• 34 different dinosaur species to collect & grow. 
• 20 different sea creature species to collect & grow. 
• Live multi-player gameplay with Facebook friends and other Jurassic Park fans 
• Built-in social features (ability to visit, help and gift friends). 
• Stunning visual & audio effects with 3-D animations.

Begin your wonderful adventure and start building!

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New:Jurassic Park™ Builder 4.0.9 apk Update

Jurassic Park™ Builder  4.0.9   Logo
10,000,000 - 50,000,000
  • Last Version: 4.0.9
  • Last Update:
  • App Price:
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  • Size: 18M

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Jurassic Park™ Builder Update

What's New
The Dinosaur Battle Arena is finally here!
• Choose your dinosaurs and fight opponents!
• Feed your dinos, level them up, and see the effect on stats.
• Strategize with various moves: ATTACK, SPECIAL ATTACK, or BLOCK to win.
• Win 50 battles, earn rewards and medals according to your performance.
• Tackle new missions in your Jurassic, Aquatic, and Glacier parks.
• Win more experience points and reach level 75.
• A few bug fixes to improve your gaming experience.

Jurassic Park™ Builder 2.1.4 apk Download from amazon
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